Being cogs in the machine is not in our DNA

We have over 20 years of experience in leadership, sales, and marketing (specifically using Facebook for event promotion and lead generation). Prior to starting RA Marketing, we were known for obtaining the highest ROI in the financial planning industry.

Together we’ve built several hundred companies into multi-million dollar competitors, and even took one from startup to over $67 million in just over five years of work.

Yet…it wasn’t enough.

We created RA Marketing from 3000%+ ROI strategic Facebook marketing experience, geared towards helping you learn how to utilize the power of online lead generation. We can help you grow your business by extending the reach of your marketing efforts.

We are a full-service Facebook ads agency specializing in high ROI new client acquisition marketing. We do everything from consultations to active campaign management. At the end of the day, we are passionate about growing your business and we believe that Facebook is THE TOOL to make that happen.

A Full Service Shop

We do everything from consultations to active campaign management.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Each of our programs comes with its own unique guarantee. We are so confident that we will find success for your campaign, that we will offer money back if we don’t hit predefined bench marks!

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Contact us today to schedule a discovery call and see if we’re a good fit for your business.

Our Mission

To leverage the power of online marketing and revolutionary technology into the growth of financial advisors, local businesses, and faith based/non-profit organizations.


Richy has always had a desire to work toward a higher purpose. It is because of that that he joined the United States Air Force shortly after high school. After his almost decade long military career, Richy immersed himself in the world of online marketing, quickly rising to the head of the table as one of the best marketers in the financial services industry.

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Andrew Riis

Andrew Riis

Andrew started in the financial services industry right out of college and has grown each business he has been a part of. Most recently, Andrew was an integral member of a startup team that doubled its business three years in a row! Andrew’s unique background in financial services and marketing enables him to take a tailored approach to the support and strategies that he offers to his clients.

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RA Marketing serves financial advisors, faith-based and non-profit organizations, and small businesses all over the world with Facebook advertising services that convert online viewers into offline visitors.